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By offering the best and most recent in Odoo development, we hope to go above and beyond your expectations. For your Odoo needs, we provide quick, efficient, and ergonomic development solutions.

Why we should use Odoo

OpenSource Platform

Because it employs an open development approach and is licensed to include the source code, Odoo is an OpenSource platform.

Robust Architecture

Because of its solid architecture, business management procedures are simple and efficient.

Integrated Scalability

less dependencies and easier to understand services thanks to service-oriented architecture.

Improve businesses Performance

aids in managing accounting, e-commerce, point of sale, ERP, CRM, inventory, and many other aspects of running a business.

Easy to learn

Odoo has a comprehensive set of tools to support every business demand, including simple-to-use business modules.

Omni-Channel Reach

Odoo has a large clientele from several platforms in addition to a highly centralized data management.

Why you should us?

Easy Payment Modules

Creating payment module integration solutions to link with Odoo.

Fast Shipping Method

Creation of Shipping Method Integration Modules for Odoo.

Communication Channel

By integrating SMS Gateways like Plivo, ClickSend, and many others, Odoo can handle SMS, Mails, mobile push alerts, and other services.

Our Projects on Odoo



Dolphin.com.bd is an online computer and electronics store developed with Magento 2. It has more then 5K simple and 2k bundle products. the objective was to make user experience better using Magento 2 CMS.


Daffodil Shop

Kroger, one of America’s largest grocery chains, has decided to embrace technology to help it survive and thrive in the 4th industrial revolution. With 2,782 grocery stores under nearly two dozen names in 35 states, Kroger plans to leverage its data, shopper insights and scale to help it remain a leader in the marketplace of the future. According to a study by the Food Marketing Institute, online grocery is expected to account for 20% of all grocery retail by 2022 and reach $100 billion in consumer sales, so Kroger and its competitors are smart to figure out ways to use technology to their advantage.