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Content Advertising

To seeks to directly influence consumers through different channels, with a direct and clear message that aims to reach as many people as possible

Pull Advertising

This strategy aims to keep the brand in the consumer's mind and propel people go towards it. It focuses on identification with the brand and long-term loyalty.

Push Advertising

This advertising strategy is more suitable for new products or services, since it seeks to make something known among consumers in order to position well and generate sales

Digital Advertisemnt Targeting Strategies


Brand Awareness

We use objective if you’re new to business or advertising on Facebook and want to attract new customers. We may also use awareness goals to launch a new product or promote an event.



This is sort of the next step in our ad journey—after your audience has some awareness of your offering, you’ll want to hit them with ads that provide more information. These ads should drive engagement or help you collect leads.



The final step in the journey is getting people to convert. Maybe that means purchasing a product, or maybe you want people to visit your website, get directions to your physical store, or fill out a form providing you with their information.

Data we use for
re-target audience consumer.

Business intelligence dashboards are great at aggregating data in a visual way. But it’s then up to you to make sense of what it all means. Quill analyzes the dashboard and writes out key takeaways in plain English for you to understand what is most important.