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Dhoong Multi-vendor Marketplace

Recent advances in AI make it feasible to provide intelligent support in educational games without the need for handcrafting models of the domain and learners. Dr Niall Winters explores the use of these techniques for the LIFE (Life-saving Instructions For Emergencies) mobile game aimed at nurses and associated healthcare workers across the Global South.

Feeh La Marketplace

The applications of GANs is rising and so is the risk of misinformation spread through their use. In this day and age when fake content is so prevalent, GANs pose a significant challenge to the efforts already underway to combat misinformation. This X does not exist is a website which compiles a list of popular GANs. Most…

Lagbe – Qualified Brand Marketplace

Lagbe.xyz – Multivendor E-commerce Website In human-robot collaboration, human and machine work hand in hand. The human operator controls and monitors production, the robots perform the physically strenuous work. Both contribute their specific capabilities. Key Features Multivendor Functionality: Lagbe.xyz allows multiple vendors to register and showcase their products in a unified marketplace, offering customers a…