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Ecommerce Marketplace Development with Magento 2 & Custom Modules is an innovative and feature-rich ecommerce marketplace developed by our expert magento developers at IT. Built on the robust Magento 2 platform, offers a seamless online shopping experience to customers with powerful tools to manage their shopping efficiently. This project encompasses the integration of essential ecommerce functionalities alongside the development of four custom modules: “PC Builder,” “Buy One Get a Free Gift,” “Advanced SEO Tools,” and “Pre Order Module.”

Key Features:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: boasts a clean and intuitive user interface that caters to a diverse range of customers. The platform ensures easy navigation, quick access to product categories, and a smooth checkout process.

  2. Mobile Responsiveness: Recognizing the growing mobile user base, our team has ensured that is fully optimized for mobile devices, providing a seamless shopping experience on smartphones and tablets.

  3. Robust Search and Filtering: The website features advanced search capabilities that allow customers to quickly find their desired products. Filtering options based on price, brand, category, and specifications make product discovery effortless.

  4. PC Builder Module:

    • The custom PC Builder module empowers customers to create custom-built PCs based on their specific requirements.
    • Users can choose from a wide selection of components and configure their dream PC, complete with real-time price updates.
    • The module ensures compatibility between chosen components, making it easy for customers to build their ideal computer.
  5. Buy One Get a Free Gift Module:

    • This custom module incentivizes customers with enticing offers by providing them with free gifts when they purchase certain products.
    • Admins have the flexibility to define rules and conditions for the “Buy One Get a Free Gift” promotion, enhancing customer engagement and driving sales.
  6. Advanced SEO Tools:

    • Our custom SEO module optimizes product listings and enhances the website’s overall search engine visibility.
    • Features include customizable meta tags, keyword optimization, XML sitemaps, and canonical URLs, ensuring better organic search rankings.
  7. Pre Order Module:

    • The Pre Order module enables customers to place orders for upcoming products or items that are out of stock.
    • Merchants can effectively manage pre-orders, track demand, and set release dates to create anticipation and gauge customer interest.
  8. Secure Payment and Checkout:

    • integrates with leading payment gateways, providing secure and seamless transactions for customers.
    • Multiple payment options are available, ensuring convenience for a wide range of users.
  9. Order Tracking and Management:

    • Customers can easily track their orders, while merchants have access to a comprehensive order management system.
    • Order processing, shipment tracking, and customer notifications are streamlined for efficiency.

Maintenance for - Magento Commerce Website

Ensuring the smooth and consistent performance of, our Magento Commerce website, is our top priority. Our dedicated team of experts diligently undertakes ongoing maintenance to optimize the website’s functionality, security, and user experience. Regular updates, including security patches and software upgrades, are diligently implemented to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities and ensure data integrity.

We meticulously monitor the website’s performance, promptly addressing any issues that may arise to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted access for users. Our comprehensive maintenance approach encompasses continuous SEO monitoring, content updates, and user interface enhancements to keep at the forefront of online shopping experiences. Through proactive and responsive maintenance, we remain committed to delivering a seamless and reliable platform, fostering long-lasting customer satisfaction and empowering merchants to thrive in the dynamic ecommerce landscape.